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Gifted Excerpt 1

This November, I completed a novel entitled Gifted. It is a zombie apocalypse novel that came out of absolutely nowhere, but I love it. Here is a small teaser scene in which the main character, Jaz, sees the world outside of the compound for the first time.

The abandoned street is even creepier down here and it doesn’t help that as the shadows grow longer, my fear grows stronger. Bleached white bones lay everywhere in this part of town, and not necessarily in any recognizable form. I heighten all my senses, carefully drawing from my battery. I have a feeling I haven’t discovered all the things this internal battery can do, so I don’t want to use all the energy stored up inside of it in case my body decides to show me what it can now do.

Not too far away from me lay a set of arm bones. I crouch down beside them, examining them. The bones are sunken a bit into the ground a ways away from a bright red and rusted car turned on its side. The bones practically glow in the dark to my eyes. They are picked completely clean and I can see small gouges in them set in lines. Teeth marks. Lots of teeth marks.

My stomach rises. The paint on each side of the car is scratched as though it has been keyed and the passenger side door is ripped off and flung into a neighboring yard. Dents cover the entire body and all the windows are broken to daggers. Dark stains cover the upholstery inside and drag to the outside of the car on to the sidewalk. I back away slowly, hand covering my mouth, not daring to look further.

I don’t want to be out here in the dark.

Returning to stand beside my friends I face outward, Katana in hand, eyes watching as much of the vicinity as humanly possible and listening. Listening hard. As long as there is silence in the streets, we should be okay. Any signs of ragged breathing or dragging and I just might wet my pants and kill something.

I realize after a moment, everyone is watching me again. I shrug, to ask them why they were watching me. Bryan nods forward and I nod back, showing him a thumbs up. The coast is clear guys, for now.

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Week One: Starting is Hard

Whew! First week of NaNoWriMo is over!

So, how did it go? Did you manage to keep up with the word count? By the end of today, you should be reaching the 5,000 word mark. If you aren’t there yet, don’t give up! You can still catch up over the weekend! As you move onto NaNo Week 2, keep in mind the words of Stephen King:

 Keep your chin up NaNos! If you can just push past that inital fear/reluctance/trepidation or whatever it is that prevents you from putting your fingers to the keyboard or pen to the page, you can go great places! I know you can do it! Never stop trying! Write on!!



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NaNoWriMo: Pre-Season Prep

Calling all NaNo’s! It’s the middle of October, and it’s time to start gearing up for NaNoWriMo next month! To celebrate, Literature and Latte is putting out a special trial version of their amazing Scrivener software!

For all those who have not tried Scrivener, I just gotta say, it is the best writing program I have ever used. It’s perfect for all kinds of writing–screenwriting, large reports, noveling 😀 :D, you name it! It has tons of organizational goodies like note cards, cork boards, keyword database searches, multi-level folder and binder organization and color coding.

I absolutely love my Scrivener. I don’t know where I would be without it. It helps me keep my photos, my notes, and my research organized in one place. No more notebooks stuffed in cereal boxes and files filled with random paper scraps for me.

One of the features I particularly like about Scrivener is the full screen writing mode. It allows you to open up a distraction-free window where you can sit and type continuously. I love it when I’m trying to compose in the mornings because that’s when I tend to get the most distracted. You can choose how light or dark you want the background to be, set target word counts, create keywords and your cursor doesn’t leave the center of the page as you type. 

This program is awesome for writers of all abilities. The NaNoWriMo 2012 Scrivener trial lasts for all of November up until December 7th to give you time to complete the revisions you would like to. If you love the program enough to buy it following NaNoWriMo, all participants can receive a 20% off discount. But if you win this year, you get 50% off! How is that for incentive?

It’s time to get writing!


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Camp NaNoWriMo: A Kick in the Pants

Camp NaNoWriMo is upon us! And I am stoked! For all you Wrimo’s out there who have not heard of Camp NaNo, I’d suggest you get out there and check it out! Basically, what we got going here is another chance at NaNo in a month maybe a little less hectic than our traditional November. The Office of Letters and Light have camps set up and ready to fly for June and August. I personally have been struggling with a vicious case of writer’s block and am fighting all forms of writing (my apologies to all you readers out there). As such, I have signed up, and am excited to begin that writing sprint that will (hopefully) yank me out of this ridiculous writing funk that seems to be plaguing my existence. I plan on working on Disconnect, because theoretically, if I just write that 1,666 word quota every day, the wall will disintegrate. And don’t worry, it’s not going to be cheating because as of tomorrow morning, I’m starting the count from numero uno, just like everyone else.

And thus I extend an official invitation to join me this month in breaking out the camp chairs, and hot chocolate mugs, pop tents, or whatever else you need to produce the flurry of panicked, seat-of-the-pants writing that will carry you to the end of your own manuscripts!

Pip Pip and Happy Camping!




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