My Projects

Works in Progress:

Legend: A fantasy novel set in a world of tradition in which a young scholar, Pheonix, discovers there is more to his lineage than what he ever knew and journeys to the war-torn continent called Legend to find the truth.

Disconnect: A cyberpunk novel based in the year 2087 in which two hackers, Adam Johnson and Mike Michaelson, fight to overthrow the ubiquitous technology company, UniTech, in an effort to initiate open source programming.

Gifted: A zombie novel set during the third zombie apocalypse in which a young adult, Jaz, fights to prove herself and protect those she loves in a world of uncertainty and extinction.


“Untitled”, This Time AroundEber and Wein Publications (Accepted)

“Gene England: The Driving Force Behind His Family Legacy”,Utah Business magazine, April 2015


What do you think?

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